When I first was shown the forest that surrounds the farm,
I was told that it basically had no use
as the cedar swamp was unfavorable for logging,
and the price of other softwoods had declined over the years,
rendering it useless as an investment.
While I only listened with half an ear,
my attention was pulled away by a soft
as subtle as the rustling of a leaf.
I was being welcomed by the
and invited to enter, to observe, and to discover its magic.
In my mind, I began to see paths
winding their way through the ancient cedar swamp.
Paths which would not only allow for exploration and discovery,
but would also lead to places for
contemplation, inspiration, resting and healing.

Old Clary Farm Trails






Much gratitude goes to trail master John Wheeler.
John's keen eye for natural beauty and his respect for the forest
helped shape and maintain these trails over the past years.

I am grateful for the countless hours we spent creating the trails
while the forest slowly revealed more and more of its magic.